Our Mobile House Call Services are focused on the General Well-Being of your pets. Keeping your pets healthy and happy is best accomplished with regular comprehensive examinations and recommended preventive care practices.

Puppies & Kittens

At Dr. G’s Veterinary Services, puppies and kittens are seen for 3 visits, ideally when they are 8, 12, & 16 weeks old. Each visit includes a comprehensive physical examination, a series of vaccinations, tests and deworming. This is what Dr. Gray recommends for the best preventive care to give your puppies and kittens a great start on the road to General Well-Being. 

Adult Dogs & Cats

At Dr. G’s Veterinary Services, adult dogs and cats are seen annually for a comprehensive physical examination, vaccinations and testing. Dogs are tested for heartworms, tick disease, and intestinal parasites. Cats are tested based on individual risk assessment. This is what Dr. Gray recommends for the best preventive care to give your adult dogs and cats the smoothest road to General Well-Being. 

Senior Pets

At Dr. G’s Veterinary Services, senior pets are seen twice a year for a comprehensive physical examination, and vaccinations tailored to age and health status. Dr. Gray also recommends preventive blood and urine screening to establish a baseline assessment for future comparison and to detect problems early. Many senior pets also need continued testing for heartworms, tick disease, intestinal parasites, and Feline Leukemia/FIV. These are Dr. Gray’s senior pet protocols for keeping your aging pets in a state of General Well-Being during their later years.

Laboratory Testing

At Dr. G’s Veterinary Services, Dr. Gray will take blood, urine, fecal, and any other samples necessary for diagnostics. Most results will be available within 1-2 days. 


At Dr. G’s Veterinary Services, Dr. Gray will refer his patients to Animal Imaging Veterinary Radiology Specialists. They offer out-patient veterinary diagnostic imaging and interpretation services that will inform Dr. Gray of your pet’s level of need. 

Specialists Referrals

At Dr. G’s Veterinary Services, Dr. Gray will liaise with a variety of specialists to meet your pet’s needs for specific diseases, conditions or disorders.

Laser Therapy

At Dr. G’s Veterinary Services, low level laser therapy is used to treat acute injuries; chronic neck and back pain; arthritis and osteoarthritis; lumbo-sacral disease; and to reduce post-surgical pain. Not all laser units are created equal. There are several classes of lasers, but the majority of research points to low level lasers as eliciting the best biologic response in the body. 

Low level laser therapy or 3LT as it is called, has nothing to do with heat, but actually involves photons of light at a specific wavelength which stimulate chemical reactions at the cellular level. This series of reactions is what “energizes” that particular cell, which in turn allows cells to repair and regenerate and “wake up”. Laser treatments can speed healing by up to 60%, reduce inflammation, provide pain relief, and improve numerous body functions in a variety of conditions. 

Laser therapy provides clinically significant benefits and expands the options for delivering compassionate veterinary care with fewer drugs and less surgery. Dr. Gray has experienced many positive outcomes using laser therapy over the past 10 years. A typical treatment series consists of 12-15 sessions over a 4-6 week time period depending on the condition. Some cases respond quickly and do not need further treatment and others need follow-up treatments for several weeks to reap the full benefits of this therapy. 

Hospice & Euthanasia

When your pet’s journey here with you is coming to an end, it is a profoundly difficult time that deserves special care and consideration. Dr. Gray is deeply committed to his patients and clients, and has a compassionate understanding for the needs that arise during this time. He can be trusted to assist you with navigating this process, and will always provide honest guidance based upon his 35 years of experience. He will support you in your home with your pet for as long as it is humanely in service to your pet.

When the time arrives to let your pet go on, Dr. Gray will assist in their passing and has a partnership with an organization for the final steps so your pet can be honored and remembered according to your wishes.